Games, Film & Music Videos


  • “Life Is Strange 3: True Colors”, Produced by Square Enix, Created and Developed by Deck Nine Games.
  • Performance Director, Deck Nine Games

feature films

  • “Fishing Naked”, 42 Productions
  • “Teddy Boy”, Kekule Productions

short films

  • Distance (SAG Independent), Forge Motion Pictures
  • Death of the Bar-T (SAG Independent), Forge Motion Pictures 
  • Packing the West: Legends of the West (Documentary Short), The Homestead Foundation/Western Writers of America
  • Tile the Sea, Zachary Holloran
  • The Aviation Cocktail, The Pilot’s Lounge
  • Beneath the Soil, Daniel Ford Films
  • Boxing Day, Boxing Day Films Limited
  • Road Trip, Boxer Films

music videos

  • Lorain James 17°C Music Video